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Get your circus tickets NOW! [text shamelessly cobbled from [ profile] nacht_musik]

[ profile] klingonlandlady and I and a host of others you know stayed home and joined the circus (which is like running away and joining the circus, only different) and the show goes up this coming weekend (5/30-6/1). Tickets are now on sale; see the bottom of this post for info on getting yours -- I'd love to see you there!

Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band presents...

Mischief in the Machine - A Circus Folktale

Through our signature blend of live music, theater & circus arts, Mischief in the Machine tells a tale of the re-emergence of hope in a dilapidated world where everyday life has been crushed under an oppressive regime of silence. The story follows a haphazard hero who uses playfulness and absurdity to rally a misfit resistance.

Mischief in the Machine is an adult theatrical-style circus performance, which includes acrobatics, aerial performance, dance, and an all-original musical score composed and performed by Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band, along with a special appearance and composition by HUMANWINE!

Due to mature themes and imagery, Mischief in the Machine is recommend for ages 16+.

Friday, May 30th - 7:30PM doors, 8PM show
Saturday, May 31st - 7:30PM doors, 8PM show Boston University Dance Theater
915 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA
(Directions: Green line, B train, to St. Paul Street; parking also available.)

Sunday, June 1st - 2:30PM doors, 3PM show

If you plan to go, I strongly advise buying tickets IN ADVANCE -- we sold out our last full-circus performance a year ago and had to turn many people away at the door.

You can buy tickets ONLINE via Paypal by clicky clicky Here

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