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Theres a freight line nearby to where i live. Yesterday, L and i went on a walk, and there was a line of freight cars sitting there without an engine on them. It looked like some neat images could be taken there, but, alas, i didn't have the camera with me. Today i went back, hoping the train hadn't left. It hadn't.

Heres 2 of the results )

More Here.
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As previously reported here, [ profile] catling and i did a photoshoot recently to produce an entry for the upcoming "Erotik Neurotik" show at the Elise Mankes Studios in Marblehead. Today i heard back from them; We're In! They only took one of the three we submitted, but In is In. Yea!

[aside; these last two posts friends-locked solely to keep them out of Google until the show is over]

This is the photo they accepted. probably not work-safe. )
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Not too long ago, [ profile] catling posted looking for a photographer to collaborate with, to produce an entry for an upcoming gallery show. I responded. The gallery exhibition we're trying to get accepted into is at the elise mankes gallery in marblehead, and the submission deadline is Feb 3rd; not very much time at all. But what the heck. Last night [ profile] catling came over for a photo shoot. Exhibition theme is "Erotic Neurotic". It's not entirely clear what they're looking for, from the description. Google for "Elise Mankes erotic neurotic" to find the info.

Anyhow, the shoot was fun [i'd like to do more of this sort of thing...], and we've pared down the results and selected 3 images to submit. These aren't finals yet, but are pretty close. We don't have titles yet. suggestions will be considered.

Not work-safe unless your workplace is pretty liberal. You've been warned. )
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Yesterday [ profile] klingonlandlady & I went to see the Ansel Adams exhibition at the MFA. We ran into [ profile] tcb and [ profile] goat there. I had heard that it was a very large collection, and featured lots of rarely seen prints. I've never been that fond of the most commonly seen Adams prints, such as the classic shot of El Capitan in Yosemite; while technically superb, his photos of that sort of scene just can't capture the actual scene. Having been to Yosemite, and stared at El Cap in the flesh, the photo just has no chance of comparing, no matter how technically brilliant the photographer is. It's sort of like capturing a Cirque du Soleil show on DVD; you just can't do it. It's against the laws of nature. So i was interested in seeing much of his other work besides the classic sweeping landscapes.

Pros: It is a very large exhibit, large enough to show a lot of the other subject matter that Adams also photographed. Hey! He did portrait photography! And cityscape photos, some found object abstracts, and other things. There's a photo he snapped using someone elses 35mm camera, rather than his usual large format boxes, of a group of small kids in a depression-era shack that is just a stunning image.

Cons: We had tickets for the 2:30 entry. It was very crowded. They are trying to pack as many folk through there as possible. This didn't actually affect our ability to view things, though it did slow it down a lot. The exhibit hall is painted a dull grey and the air conditioning could not in any way keep up with the amount of heat the crowd was producing. This led to the rather odd experience of viewing grand sweeping landscape shots while confined in a stifling grey box filled with teeming masses. If the exhibition was at the ICA i would have assumed it was on purpose; at the MFA it was merely unfortunate.

That said, it was worth going to, and overall i enjoyed it.

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