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In the "I haven't added any new difficult kinesthetic things into my repertoire in a while" department, i've started learning Cyr Wheel.

I've been thinking about it for a while now - I made a wheel last year but never got around to actually *trying* it out until recently this year. Unlike some of the other things of this sort that i've tried (unicycle, walking globe, slack line, etc), this one *IS* as hard as it looks. I went down a few rat-hole-blind alleys working with a wheel I made which turned out to be way too big for me; ended up selling that one and making a smaller one that is a much better fit, after which progress got much faster (but by no means *fast*. it's baby-steps all the way with this apparatus so far.

It's quite fun though.

This is a video made from todays practice session, where i've finally got the basic waltz well enough to start flailing at some variations of it.

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A very nice show, more old-school-circus in terms of the types of acts in it. Story line minimal at best, but i could never really follow the story line in a cirque show anyways, _Corteo_ excepted.

Contortionists fabulous.
Clowning entertaining, if a bit laden with bathroom humor. Loved the pickpocket.
The Chair-stacking guy really makes me want to work on (== get one) my handstands.
The dual tightwire will make me set one up in my yard and start working on it.
The unicycle pas-de-deux will have me working more on my U-cycling, perhaps attempting some partnering things with [ profile] klingonlandlady.
There was a well choreographed WHEEL! OF! DEATH! act which did not dissuade me in any way of wanting try it, and if really insane, perhaps build one. Need to seek out learning opportunities first. It looks like quite a bit of fun!

The juggler, on the other hand, made me want to simply give away all of my juggling equipment. After seeing this, there's just no point in trying.
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Mischief in the Machine has come and gone. It went very well, and i find myself disappointed that i won't be shlepping myself into Boston tonight to do the next performance. Wow, it's been a *long* time since i've last felt "Post-Show-Letdown". Off to the Basement Machine Shop and Circus Hardware Lab to distract myself.

Thanks to all who were involved, and to everyone who came out to support us! Looking forward to the next one!

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