Pock, Eit.

Jun. 30th, 2008 01:38 am
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First, the good news, in short form: Baitcon was excellent all around!

OK. Now, the bad news, in more detail.

It's Monday, roughly 1:00am, and i've just gotten *back* from Baitcon in New Lebanon, NY, where i've been camping for the weekend. So [livejournal.com profile] klingonlandlady and i pull into the driveway, and what do i see? Well, it's clear we've had some heavy storms. you can tell this because

One of the maple trees in our yard has been broken off and has fallen onto the guy wires of the outdoor aerial rig

Another shot. Terrible pictures, as its foggy and this is taken using a cheap halogen worklight. But you can see what is going on.

Close-up. Guy wire is being pulled quite a ways off course.

Crap. This really calls for immediate dealing, and i'd really rather get a decent nights sleep instead. Eit Eit Eit.

I dremeled through the safety loop backing up the come-along on this guy wire, released all tension on it and detached it, rerouted it above the fallen tree, and re-attached it. Everything seems OK otherwise. The guy wire appears to have held and the connecting hardware at the top of the rig still appears to be intact. Tomorrow i'll need to cut down the rest of the tree, and chainsaw it into little bits, and climb up and do a close-up inspection of everything. So much for any down time before packing for Firefly.

[Edit - cut down rest of tree, and inspected the works. everything appears intact and undamaged. Whew.]

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