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after a ridiculous streak of absolutely crappy weekend weather for most of october, we've finally gotten a couple of nice fall weekends. this last Saturday, [ profile] klingonlandlady and I took advantage of the perfect day to take the kayaks out on the Nashua river. Most of the leaves had fallen already, but what were left had some nice color to them. We had to turn around by 3 in order to get back to the put-in before the temperature dropped too far down, but while the sun was out it was nice and warm, we didn't even need the skirts.

we thought that most of the bird population would have been long gone, but we saw 2 pairs of swans and a heron still hanging around.

Some pictures behind the cut )

Sunday wasn't as good, as it had already rained Saturday night. It was not actually raining, though, and i really wanted to try out what i had figured out about the triple-rotation drop on the silk. There weren't going to be many more opportunities to use the 24' rig before i need to take it down for the winter...

[ profile] sensesurfer came over, and we put the silk up in the fine mist. I tried out the 3, then the 3-1/4 rotation drops. They worked exactly as i had figured out. We practiced this and the Anton Drop, then took the silk down. The bottom of it was getting soaked. Ewww. Video of 3-1/4 drop, with commentary. (26 MB MPEG2)

Then we headed out to see the Shangri-La Chinese Acrobat Troupe, who were performing in Lowell. The announcer made a point of saying how long these folk have trained, and of course, that you should not attempt these things at home. Which of course had me, [ profile] klingonlandlady, [ profile] dilletante, and [ profile] theevilgosling thinking "Yeah, right." The performance was good, and had the side effect of me realizing that it's been almost 10 years since i've done anything with my rolling globe, so out it came to aerials practice this Monday. Yep, i'm kind of rusty at it, but i was able to free mount, walk around a bit and do a small amount of club juggling on it. I'd like to work on some two-person formations on it.

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